Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

The most sophisticated and profitable
sector of healthcare.

Our core competency as consultants emerged from this sector, with our in-depth
knowledge, expertise and experience in managing reputable brands worldwide

How we help clients

Portfolio Planning

Leadership Strategies

Boost Brand Reputation

Rejuvenation & Revival
of Mature Products

Marketing & Sales

Portfolio Planning

Capture opportunities across the value chain for generics, branded
generics, established products and biosimilars, COVID vaccines and
other biologics and forging connections among industry stakeholders.

Steps in portfolio planning

Identify suitable products & principal companies

Strategise solution on product selection

Select innovative pipeline

Strategise acquisitions

Marketing strategies & solutions

Pharmaceutical Leadership Strategies

Providing organizations with strategic pharmaceutical direction that includes directing resources for maximum product effect, injecting new skills, and improving performance at scale in order to develop leaders who will drive and shape the company's and industry's futures.

In-depth understanding of pharmaceutical industry and its advancements

Strategic recommendation on how leaders can adapt

In-depth understanding of pharmaceutical industry and its advancements

Boost Brand Reputation

The reputation of pharmaceutical businesses is based on five primary drivers:






The relative importance of which varies depending on individual or groups of stakeholders.

Pharma businesses must communicate– routinely and accurately – about what they do and why they do it that way in order to overcome their reputation problem.

We can help you do a full situational analysis and develop crucial plans and techniques to improve your market reputation.


  • Review and select key stakeholders
  • Profile and map them
  • Measure the reputation with Pharma Reputation Index
  • Complete the Pharma Reputation Audit highlighting
    company’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Definite reputation improvement objectives
  • Identify and screen key drivers to strengthen corporate reputation
  • Develop an action plan
  • Select KPIs and KEIs to measure and monitor the impact
    of the tactics (actions)
  • Develop an internal communication plan to make reputation a
    center piece on collaborators’ agenda
  • Adjust the organization to carry out the activities to strengthen
    the reputation
  • Design a tracking process to correct/strengthen and leverage
    corporate reputation


Extending the lifecycle of a product. Pharmaceutical product marketing and R&D are continually faced with issues such as how to maximize their product's potential and how to maintain market interest when sales begin to drop, particularly when newer, better, or more inexpensive prescription competitors become available.

With a revival plan, a mature brand can be revitalized as a high-selling product,
earning substantial profits with minimal marketing costs.

Dose Modulation

Conversion to super generics

Conversion to combinations

Marketing & Sales Strategising

By establishing product lines, digitalised marketing materials and platforms, providing creative marketing solutions, aligning and integrating the sales structure, and devising sales visit plans, the sales team's structure can be optimized to achieve maximum ROI.

On-ground market activation strategies

Innovative sales strategies based on product profile

Digital marketing services

Digital sales solutions

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