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We offer A to Z services to assist pharmaceutical companies to
engage in vaccine manufacturing and global distribution.

How we help clients

Portfolio Planning

Clinical Trial

Vaccine Investment

Vaccine Management
& Distribution

Portfolio Planning

As a vaccine developer, you must constantly assess the disease strategy to identify gaps in your portfolio and determine whether to build or procure. We do competitor landscaping and their pipeline analysis, matched with existing market demand to extend your portfolio.

Clinical Trial Management

Our clinical operations team has been part of over
90 global clinical trials
covering various therapeutic areas including Oncology, Infectious Diseases, Rare Diseases, Diabetes, Cardiology, and Vaccines including COVID-19.

Clinical Trial Management Includes

  • Site Initiations
  • Informed consent form translation & printings
  • Monitoring
  • Clinical trial supplies management
  • CTM storage & dispensing
  • Data entry compliance
  • Safety reporting
  • Site closure visit
  • CTM destruction

Vaccine Investment Strategy

We develop a vaccine investment strategy for the prevention
of endemic illness through scheduled preventive immunisation.

In order to assure vaccination supply and market demands, we also provide you with pandemic preparedness and response strategies for the coming years.

Vaccine Management & Distribution

There is a necessity for effective vaccination management and distribution with numerous tried and tested COVID-19 vaccines on the market.

In order to assure a strong emphasis on the most vulnerable communities, an equitable vaccine strategy must build allocation rules that define out the "who" and "when" of vaccination.

Stratgurus experts can
successfully create & implement these allocation frameworks,
which is a significant and pertinent issue.

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