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We are gurus in strategic matters across diversified industries with specialisation in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals and emerging and rapidly growing halal industry. From providing advise on upcoming mergers, building your product portfolio or halal compliance to performing due diligence and market research, and training c-level executives, our strategy services cover the full range of business activities including operations, finance, marketing, and R&D.

Mission & Vision

To make a positive global impact by helping influence business decisions in the industries that shape the future of human progress.
We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their business goals through sound strategic advice. We aim to share our expert knowledge gained through years of experience, innovative data gathering and insightful analysis of relevant markets.


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Why Choose Us

Personal Service from Senior-level Consultants

When the project leader on your engagement is a member of a big consulting firm, they have two customers: you and their big consulting firm boss. In fact, there may be many layers of internal bosses from the big firm, all of whom must be satisfied for the consultant to succeed professionally. Not when you work with us. There is little doubt who our boss is and who we want to please; you!

Great Ideas

Large consulting firms resemble any other large corporation, with the requisite politics, ladder climbing and adherence to policies. If you are looking for out-of-the box, nimble, disruptive thinking, you're less likely to find it dwelling amidst the big firms bureaucracy. Instead, you should choose us. We are valued for our specialized experience and expertise that isn't readily available from other firms.

Right Approach with Modern Techniques

A veteran owned and operated boutique consulting firm run on a culture of shared values where we are able to provide superior processes with the right tools, fresh techniques and perspectives that allow clients to understand & solve their problems.

Flexibility and Personalised Consulting

Our team is built to scale along with our client’s needs. We infuse accountability, authenticity, self-awareness and a culture of collaboration into each uniquely tailored engagement to foster fresh, game-changing initiatives for our clients.