Structured professional courses to enhance leadership,
marketing and operational skills

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Project Development

Value Management

New Product Manager

C- Level Seasoning

A suite of well-programmed courses specific to
applicable levels of authority and decision making.

Project Development Training

Whether you’re entering new markets or building new infrastructure, developing large-scale projects are a significant investment in time and money. It requires complete understanding of every aspect of the development, from market and economic conditions to control and management of the project.

Project Development Training seeks to familiarise decision makers in implementing the project at every stage.
The program involves

Comprehensive training that
covers key topics in planning,
execution, and control of projects

Practical knowledge and
application of relevant skills that
will be deployed at every stage of
project development.

Value Management Programs

We believe that a value-based method represents a new approach that can reap greater project benefits and deliver the best value for all stakeholders.

However, this change requires a cultural
change and a different approach to training
and development. As experts in Value
Management, Stratgurus can help with:

Evaluating all aspects of a project from a Value Management perspective, especially looking at value alternatives or solutions

Designing specialized courses for Hospitals and Pharmaceutical companies

New Product Manager Training

Product Managers are the brains of their
brand: planning product strategies,
designing the roadmap and analyzing
market conditions.

A product manager’s role, from strategic to
tactical, is to always maximize a product’s
business value.

The team at Stratgurus helps


who are looking for a career in marketing,
become better brand managers and team

Our KHDA-recognized 3-month course focuses on:

Cross-functional leadership

Our trainings cover all basic aspects of
product management, from sales and
marketing to technical and professional
development support.

Real-life examples

Expertise through real-life examples. We
provide interactive and assignment-based
trainings from actual projects and product
development strategies.

C-Level Seasoning

As C-level executives occupy the
uppermost levels of management, they
need more than just technical skills. To
maintain a C-level position, it is necessary
to build higher-level skills and leadership
insights for continued professional
growth. After all, chief officers have a
hand in making higher-stake decisions
and drive business transformation.

Stratgurus can help develop deeper understanding of executive
management, concerns, and practices. We offer:

Specialized C-Level
trainings for top
managers and health

Emphasis on selected
topics to further
improve effectiveness
of managers

Customized courses
based on specific
needs of trainees.

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