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Stratgurus’ stance in key issues affecting the industry, the economy and the globe are born from our vision to be a force of positive change. In our pursuits, we have gained notice from a few leading news and media outlets. Below are some of the press and media coverage on Stratgurus and our clients.

StratGurus secures FDI for UAE’s healthcare sector

Pakistan’s leading CCL Pharmaceuticals acquires 51% stake in UAE-based StratHealth Pharma

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The Spread of Halal Vaccines

A unit of AJ Vaccines is investing over RM138.2 million to build Malaysia’s first vaccine manufacturing facility. Dr. Tabassum explains the growth potential and challenges for halal vaccines in Malaysia and beyond.

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Innovating through Strategy

“Stratgurus Group of Companies, a global player driven by passion and guided to make a positive impact, the company goes beyond strategy, their core offering, by diversifying into industries that are gaining prominence”, The Khaleej Times.

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AJ Pharma to turn Malaysia into halal vaccine hub

Malaysia is set to become a hub for halal vaccines with the completion of formulation and fill-finish facilities built by AJ Pharma Holding Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Saudi-based AJ Vaccines Group, in the first quarter of 2018.

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Malaysia is set to become a hub for halal vaccines

“We will make an announcement soon. We are trying to make Malaysia the hub for Asia Pacific and the Middle East for these halal vaccines, most probably in January or February,” said Dr. Tabassum Khan in an interview with local business radio station BFM

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Malaysia is set to become a hub for halal vaccines with the completion of formulation and fill-finish facilities in the first quarter of 2018.

Dr. Tabassum Khan said that the facilities with a gross development value of RM330 million would be located in Bandar Enstek, Negeri Sembilan and would employ between 400 and 500 people

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World Halal Conference Kuala Lumpur 2016

Dr. Tabassum Khan shares his insights on globalization of halal industry. “Globalization is not opening the borders, globalization is not movement of products from one country to the other. Globalization is harmonization of concepts and halal is a concept”, said Dr. Khan.


Lecture on Halal Park by Dr. Tabassum Khan

Dr. Tabassum Khan was invited by PIEDMC (Punjab Industrial Estates Development & Management Company ) to share his thoughts on halal parks and its development. Halal Parks are economic zones provide Halal-oriented companies the requisite infrastructure and service support to grow their business.

The Sun Daily

AJ Biologics Malaysia to help Pakistan province fight dengue

AJ Biologics Malaysia, a member of the Aljomaih Group based in Saudi Arabia, is collaborating with the government of Kybher Pakhtunkwa, Pakistan, to help manage and contain the current dengue outbreak within the North Western Pakistani province.

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Global Islamic Economy Summit

Islamic Economy and Halal Standardisation for Quality and Well-being Video coverage of Dr Tabassum Khan on GIES 2015

At the Global Islamic Economy Summit 2015 in Dubai, Stratgurus CEO, Dr Tabassum Khan shares his insights on halal standardization and on halal pharmaceuticals and vaccines. He emphasizes the need for universally accepted standards for the global Muslim community, and the need to increase awareness of halal pharmaceuticals to further the growth of the Islamic Economy.

The Prospect Group

AJ Pharma Holdings MD Dr. Tabassum Khan on Halal Vaccines

The Managing Director of AJ Pharma Group, Dr. Tabassum Khan, spoke with The Prospect Group about the economic and social benefits of being vaccination independent, what halal vaccination really means, and where he sees the industry is headed in the future.


Interview: Global Islamic Economy Report 2016/17 by Thomson Reuters and DIEDC

Dr. Tabassum Khan shares his thoughts about the immunization trend and the importance of animal source free vaccines.

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Real World has Real Problems

In G7 official publication Dr. Tabassum Khan mentioned that the real world is not about robots taking over human beings, the real world is about what is happening here and now, where one person dies every four seconds from hunger-related causes

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Halal Vaccines are not only beneficial to world health but also to the economy

In an interview with CNN Arabia, Dr Tabassum Khan, Chairman of Stratgurus Group, reveals that he is involved in developing halal vaccines for the global Muslim community. He expressed the need for the vaccines as many Muslims avoid vaccinations for fear of violating Islamic beliefs. He also mentions that halal vaccines are not only beneficial to world health but also to the economy.

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The Star, Malaysia

AJ Pharma Group successfully completes its first vaccine business acquisition in Denmark

AJ Pharma Group led by its Managing Director Dr. Tabassum Khan, recently acquired Stratum Serum Institute (SSI) the vaccine company owned by the Danish government. The new company will be a significant producer of polio vaccine and is developing a new form of the vaccine for polio in collaboration with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This may also permit to develop an animal source free polio vaccine, which will be a significant contribution to the Islamic world keeping in mind that the re-emergence of polio was only in the Muslim dominated countries.

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Global Islamic Economic Gateway

AJ Pharma developing the world’s first halal vaccines

The Managing Director of AJ Pharma Group talks to Salaam Gateway about AJ Pharma’s initiative to address a need to make vaccines that are high quality, animal-source free and affordable for all, including Muslims. AJ Pharma’s Malaysia-based vaccine manufacturing facility, AJ Biologics is under construction and is expected to start commercial operations in the first quarter of 2018.

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Global Islamic Economic Gateway

How attractive is Malaysia’s halal pharmaceutical sector?

Dr. Tabassum Khan, was interviewed for an article on Malaysia’s halal pharmaceutical industry. Malaysia has been in the forefront of the global halal pharmaceutical sector and the key players in the industry envision a brighter future. Malaysia occupies second place in the rankings and ranked as the second best country with a developed ecosystem for producing Halal pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

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