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Providing insight and guidance to the Pharmaceutical Industry is at the core of Stratgurus since our inception. From project management to product launches and rejuvenation through to strategy audit, we always strive to deliver excellent value to all our clients. Armed with our extensive local experience which gives us unparalleled understanding of regional markets, we have undoubtedly become the choice strategic partner to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

A few of our notable successes include:

  • Consultation for patent protection and all issues related to patent potency.
  • Statistical Analysis review for cases for cerebrovascular (stroke) study.
  • Biometrical and Statistical analysis for anti-diabetic preparations.
  • Data entry of case report form, perform statistical analysis and model diagnostics, interpretation of results and produce final study report.
  • Fund raising and marketing consultants for conference held in Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Registration and procurement of pharmaceutical products.
  • Product portfolio selection for GCC region with 3-year sales forecast
  • In licensing of pharmaceutical products.
  • Delivery of expert summaries for UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar, to be included in Intelligence Web portals
  • Contract manufacturing, in licensing, contract marketing, outsourcing of specialty biotech products, herbal nutraceuticals for contract manufacturing, in-licensing of specialty dosage forms such as injectable drugs.
  • Consulting services including Strategic investment advisory services, market access, regulatory services, setting up new manufacturing facility, market strategy and management, clinical research and data management, training and human capital consultancy.
  • International Marketing, International licensing, Opportunity and Resource management. Export Market identification, international Corporate strategy and Management services.
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Stratgurus takes pride in supporting our esteemed clients in their investment activities. We have aided several organizations in entering new markets, exploring business opportunities and maximizing investment value through expert advice and invaluable data gathering and analysis.

These include:

  • Unofficial pre-inspection of manufacturing site for registration in GCC
  • Provide master planning, Basic and Detailed Engineering, Procurement assistance, Documentation and Validation support services, etc.
  • Comprehensive analytical and validation report
  • GCC Manufacturing site registration, Manufacturing site mock inspection
  • Reorganization of a multinational client
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Personal Development

We believe that a company is only as good as its people. Which is why we are committed to helping our clients develop their management and their leaders to become genuine investments that yield real-world dividends. Our extensive work and track record with health authorities, hospitals and medical companies in the last decade are testaments to our approach and our level of expertise.

Some of our previous work includes:

  • Human Development Consultation
  • Organizing and managing sponsors for an educational and training workshop in “GMP injections for a vaccine manufacturing facility”
  • 2-day workshop on “Adding value to healthcare”
  • Introduction of staff which covers: screening their database to shortlist candidates, conducting the initial interview and arranging a second round interview with the client.
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Halal Consulting

Stratgurus is one of the major global advocates of the Halal Industry. We have gained a strong headway into standardizing halal certification and have helped others grab a strong foothold in their local industries. We foresee our work in Halal to continue to grow in the coming years.

We have received recognition for some of our work such as:

  • Report on Global Potential for Halal Vaccines
  • Acquisition of a Danish facility for manufacture of animal free vaccine for a multinational client
  • Setting up of a fill and finish manufacturing facility for production of animal source free vaccines
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Concept and Branding

On the marketing front, Stratgurus has also provided much-needed support to various clients through the development and implementation of campaigns and events.

Our previous work includes:

  • Organizing and consulting on a 2-day workshop on “Increasing profits using Value Management in Times of Recession”
  • Organizing and managing sponsors for an educational event; “International Pharmacy Day”
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