• Pharmaceutical Strategic Services
    • Portfolio Planning
    • Launch Strategy
    • Market Analysis
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Product Rejuvenation
    • Sales Force Structure Optimization
    • Value Management
  • CRO Services
    • Clinical Trial Management
  • Project Development & Investment Strategy
    • Deal Advisory Services
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Due Diligence
    • Project Development and Management
  • Personnel Development Strategy
    • Customized Personnel Development
    • Project Development Training
    • Value Management Training (UAE and UK)
    • New Product Manager Training
    • C-Level Seasoning
  • Halal Industrial Development Consulting
    • Halal Certification
    • Halal Trade And Logistics
    • Halal Parks
    • Halal SME Development
    • Halal Training
  • Campaign Conceptualization and Branding Strategies
    • Event Development
    • Branding Campaign Development
    • Conceptualization of CSR Initiatives
    • Ad Campaign Development

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Clinical Trial Management

(Phase II, III and IV)

Includes Regulatory Approvals, Trainings, Site Initiations, Informed Consent Form Translation and printings, Monitoring, Clinical Trial Supplies Management, CTM Storage and dispensing, Data Entry Compliance, Safety Reporting, Site Closure Visit, CTM Destruction

Our team of 75 strong team members, of which 31 are focused on clinical operations. Our clinical operations team has been part of over 90 global clinical trials covering various therapeutic areas including Oncology, Infectious Diseases, Rare Diseases, Diabetes, Cardiology, and Vaccines including COVID-19.

Portfolio Planning

A strategy for a balanced and comprehensive pharmaceutical product portfolio

We understand that a company’s pharmaceutical portfolio needs to be highly focused and well-adapted to its market. This is especially true for companies entering a new market or for older players that need to review their product line. From our experience, the best strategy will require in-licensing, mergers or acquisitions to add products in order to complete a company’s existing portfolio.

This is where Stratgurus can help. With our extensive knowledge of the market, Stratgurus are best suited to develop your portfolio planning strategy.

  • Find the ideal portfolio for your market: We will provide you with a detailed market analysis to determine your ideal portfolio
  • Know your options: There are many ways to achieve your portfolio. We will recommend the best options to help you make an informed decision.
  • Achieve your ideal portfolio: Once the best options are agreed upon, we will help you structure your portfolio using a combination of different strategies
  • Maximize your portfolio: We will devise strategies that can maximize the performance of your portfolio
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Launch Strategy

A strategy to successfully launch your new product

The success of a new product is usually determined within the first year of its launch. This is why companies take time in planning and devising strategies to successfully launch their products. However, the troubled economy, issues with local markets, and tough competition can make product launches difficult to plan, execute and control. So the need to pre-plan and meticulously prepare is paramount.

Stratgurus can help assure a successful launch by developing:

  • A comprehensive launch strategy: We will help formulate a strategy that covers market research to launch strategy and implementation
  • Timelines and milestones: By plotting a complete launch plan with detailed timelines and milestones, your goal of a successful launch is within reach.
  • Communications strategy: We aim to give your product the best possible chance of early and sustained success in the market. Our specialists will develop the right message, product positioning and media strategy using ATL, BTL and TTL channels.
  • Implementation strategy: We will guide you through the entire process to make sure implementation goes according to plan and corrective actions will be provided when necessary.
  • Metrics for success: A system for feedback will be developed to measure the success of the launch and enable adjustments to our strategies.
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Market Analysis

A solid foundation for strategic thinking

Research is where it all starts. Precise and extensive market research and analysis are required to develop solid business strategies. Equipped with the right information about developments in the market, the industry and related technologies, pharmaceutical companies can make better decisions. 

Stratgurus use primary and secondary research to provide accurate data and strategic context in order to:

  • Know the market through research on market size, segments, trends and forecasts
  • Explore opportunities using epidemiology and market analysis to identify gaps and opportunities in the market
  • Study the competition by competitive analysis and brand positioning
  • Determine price strategies by knowing the industry pricing and reimbursement data.
  • Develop the right channels through research on marketing, sales and distribution channels
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Marketing Strategy

A comprehensive strategy to achieve your marketing goals

We all know that once a company has identified its business goals, a marketing strategy is required which outlines the necessary activities to achieve these goals. A good marketing strategy is based on market research and is focused on maximizing profit and sustaining the business.

Our team of experienced marketers and strategists can develop and fine-tune your marketing strategy. We can help with your:

  • Product by identifying product features and indications to focus on, as well as key communication messages.
  • Customers by reaching audience segments – from patients and physicians to institutions and organizations
  • Pricing by determining ideal pricing strategy
  • Marketing by developing communications strategies and marketing mix
  • Sales by developing a sales team structure and marketing tactics for doctors
  • Progress by devising comprehensive feedback and control mechanisms
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Product Rejuvenation

A strategy to extend your product lifecycle

Pharmaceutical product marketing and R&D are constantly faced with such challenges: How to maximize their product potential; and How to sustain market interest when sales start to decline. Especially when newer, better or more affordable drug alternatives arrive.

Stratgurus can help devise the most suitable marketing strategy that will put your product back on track. Our team of experts can help:

  • Assess the product situation and determine the cause of slowdown
  • Explore, identify, evaluate and prioritize multiple opportunities for your product
  • Broaden your product label to include a wider set of patients
  • Pursue product development in entirely new therapeutic areas
  • Deliver effective commercial solutions, either as an improved version or by extending its maturity through new communication strategies.
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Sales Force Structure Optimization

A strategy to reshape your sales structure

Traditionally, a pharmaceutical company’s sales force is one of its biggest investments because they are directly responsible for generating revenue. Product portfolio, marketing activities, product lifecycle, target doctors and geographical area are key factors in determining the traditional sales rep structure. However, the rise of digital channels has ended that old-school sales model. We understand it is time to review your structure and help you optimize and reshape your sales structure.

To optimize the structure of your sales team and achieve maximum ROI, Stratgurus can provide complete strategic recommendations. We can help by:

  • Designing product lines with a detailed sales structure
  • Aligning and integrating your sales structure with actual sales and marketing processes, systems, and digital channels
  • Devising sales visit strategies that take into account area and doctor coverage, doctor specialities and visit frequency.
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Value Management

A strategic shift to deliver the best value for all stakeholders

Value Management is all about creating project value based on client objectives and stakeholder needs. Improving and sustaining the balance between project benefits and risks is key. By utilizing research and analysis, value management looks into variables such as cost, effectiveness, efficiency and accessibility to help management in their decision-making.

Stratgurus can help your company deliver the best value by:

  • Conducting in-depth research to study the market and look at effective systems
  • Planning, assessing and developing a value management strategy for your hospital or pharmaceutical company
  • Devising follow up and feedback mechanism to improve customer/patient loyalty that leads to higher spending.
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Customized Personnel Development

Tailored training strategies

Stratgurus have been involved with personnel training for several years. Our experience in the pharmaceutical, investment and halal industries put us in position to share our expertise with ambitious managers and their organizations.

Our Custom Personnel Development solutions can help with

  • Bespoke training and development programs tailored to your specific needs and objectives
  • Arranging local and international speakers for training and motivational sessions covering a wide range of topics
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Project Development Training

A strategic training program for developing large-scale projects

Whether you’re entering new markets or building new infrastructure, developing large-scale projects are a huge investment in time and money. It requires complete understanding of every aspect of the development, from market and economic conditions to control and management of the project.

Project Development Training with Stratgurus is aimed at high-level management. It seeks to familiarize decision makers in implementing the project at every stage. The program involves:

  • Comprehensive training that covers key topics in planning, execution and control of projects
  • Practical knowledge and application of relevant skills that will be properly and timely deployed at every stage of project development
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Value Management Training (UAE and UK)

Strategic training program to gain knowledge and build value

We believe that a value-based method represents a new approach that can reap greater project benefits and deliver the best value for all stakeholders. However this change requires a cultural change and a different approach to training and development

As experts in Value Management, Stratgurus can help with:

  • Evaluating all aspects of a project from a Value Management perspective, especially looking at value alternatives or solutions
  • Designing specialized courses for Hospitals and Pharmaceutical Companies
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New Product Manager Training

A development strategy for new product managers

Product Managers are the brains of their brand: planning product strategies, designing the roadmap and analyzing market conditions. A product manager’s role, from strategic to tactical, is to always maximize a product’s business value.

The team at Stratgurus can help newly promoted Product Managers and Medical Representatives who are looking for a career in marketing, become better brand managers and team leaders. Our KHDA-recognized 3-month course focuses on:

  • Cross-functional leadership. Our trainings cover all basic aspects of product management, from sales and marketing to technical and professional development support. 
  • Expertise through real-life examples. We provide interactive and assignment-based trainings from actual projects and product development strategies.
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C-Level Seasoning

A strategy to develop high-level executives

Because C-level executives occupy the uppermost levels of management, they need more than just technical skills. And to maintain a C-Level position, it is necessary to build higher-level skills and leadership insights for continued professional growth. After all, chief officers have a hand in making higher-stake decisions and drive business transformation.

Stratgurus can help develop an even deeper understanding of executive management, concerns, and practices. We offer:

  • Specialized C-Level trainings for top managers and health authorities
  • Detailed concentration on selected topics to further improve effectiveness of managers
  • Customized courses based on specific needs of the trainees.
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Deal Advisory Services

Strategies to drive portfolio value throughout your transaction lifecycle

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are all about joining organizations together. Whether it is merging two companies to form a new business or where one company is acquired by another, Stratgurus can help with the pre-deal strategy and partner identification.

We can help draft a comprehensive plan for your company’s growth strategy and work on the most important decision points. We can provide support in these areas:

  • Pre-acquisition or pre-merger review, for self-assessment and determining the value of the acquiring company.
  • Identifying target markets and potential targets, searching for and screening the market for possible takeover candidates. We will also help scan for a good strategic fit for the acquiring company.
  • Investigate and analyze the target’s value, conducting due diligence to look into the target company’s value and potentials.
  • Running an efficient transaction process, to help you confidently steer the complexities of buying a business.

Forward Integration

When a company is moving down the supply chain, the need to expand your business activity through direct distribution or supply of your products is the next step.

Stratgurus can help your company devise an effective strategy for forward integration, taking the following key factors on point:

  • Identifying potential suppliers and determining costs.
  • Planning and setting up distribution centers across a specified territory to transport goods quickly.
  • Putting together an active sales force to connect with retail buyers.
  • Developing an effective logistics plan for distribution centers.


Diversifying your business is one of the many growth strategies you can pursue. However, there are many risks involved when entering a new market or industry.

Stratgurus’ team of expert risk management strategists can help you reach long-term financial goals while minimizing risks and maximize returns. We can help through:

  • Buyer and seller screening. The market can be searched and screened for potential candidates.
  • Due diligence. We can provide research-based insights and recommendations.
  • Identifying projects. Acquire new skills and knowledge in product development through various projects in the market which we will identify.

Negotiation support

We understand that negotiation is a very delicate process that may make or break a business deal. There is always a need to structure and analyze conflicts to find the most effective way to arrive at a solution.

Stratgurus has extensive experience in contract negotiations in behalf of our clients. We can help devise the following to reap the best results:

  • Liaise with the company including scientific, legal, patents and compliance groups to ensure alignment with objectives
  • Offer pragmatic win-win solutions for all parties involved
  • Develop framework conditions and improve negotiation outcomes

Investment Memorandum

When a company opens its doors to potential investors, an investment memorandum is presented. Here, the management profiles, company objectives, financial statements, and investment terms are explained. This provides a detailed view of the business and financial plan going forward.

Stratgurus will help develop a strategy that presents a detailed analysis of the investment and its benefits. Your investment memorandum will include everything your investor needs to know about your company, including:

  • Terms of the investment
  • Nature of the business
  • Potential risks of the investment
  • Financials, both historical and projected
  • Comprehensive advise from our financial experts
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Feasibility Studies

A strategy to build a complete financial model for your new business endeavor

Often, lending institutions and investors would require a feasibility study before financing your business venture, especially when large sums are at stake. A feasibility study evaluates your business idea and determines its potential for success.

Stratgurus can help provide a comprehensive financial model that will help you determine the viability of your business.

  • We help collect and collate the standard components: budget, critical factors, methods chosen, conducting primary and secondary research. This determines if your business is technically feasible.
  • We help you conduct market, technical and financial analyses, to understand the environment in which you will compete, and if there is adequate demand for your product or service.
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Due Diligence

Developing a strategy to optimize the value of your investment

Prior to mergers or acquiring new assets, developing a complete strategy for due diligence is a critical step for both sellers and buyers.

With a focus on healthcare, Stratgurus can integrate information from clinical, technical, and business perspectives. These lead to fact-based analysis and insights and actionable recommendations that help you make confident investment decisions.

Our deep working knowledge of the broad healthcare industry ecosystem and market trends allow us to:

  • Performing initial screening for potential targets and commercial diligence assessments. We review confidential legal and financial information, for a thorough appraisal by both buyers and sellers.
  • Develop strong revenue forecasts by studying key market segmentations and trends.
  • Study healthcare industry complexities such as regulatory, coverage, reimbursement, and pricing hurdles. These all affect a company’s growth potential across global markets.
  • Develop strategy and implementation plans for your new investments.
  • Customize your business positioning to prospective buyers.
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Project Development and Management

A comprehensive strategic solution to develop existing or new projects

Every project endeavor involves careful planning and execution. It requires diligence and expertise to deliver results on time and within budget. For either new or existing projects, Stratgurus delivers a comprehensive strategy to realize and achieve your project goals.

Stratgurus can help you in dividing your project into the following phases:

  • Initial Stage Exploring ideas and examining the feasibility of your project.
  • Planning Laying out ideas and putting everything into a plan of action.
  • Execution Making sure the plan is carried out and implemented as visualized.\
  • Monitoring and Controlling Maintaining the result, evaluating the project, writing a project report, and making sure every goal is achieved on point and every key player has done his job.
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Halal Certification

A strategic approach to Halal compliance

Halal certification is a certification attesting a product to be compliant with the Islamic Shariah laws. From sourcing to preparation and production through to packaging and delivery, a Halal certification guarantees that there is no contamination across the entire supply chain. Ultimately, it is an assurance for Muslim consumers who are concerned with the safety and quality of their products.

Stratgurus can advise companies on Halal compliance through our partnership with globally recognized organizations. Our services include:

  • Assistance in Halal certification application
  • Halal pre-audit
  • Nonconformance findings rectification exercise
  • Follow up on Halal requirements
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Halal Trade And Logistics

Developing strategies for Halal compliant trade

Halal logistics is an approach to avoid contamination of perishable, raw materials and food products during transportation or distribution activities.

Our relationships with international organizations allows Stratgurus to assist businesses with import or export activities enabling them to:

  • Seek partners and suppliers to ensure Halal-certification throughout their supply chain
  • Expand to new markets by assisting in the processing of Halal certification in these markets
  • Market products and services by developing distribution strategies to help reach these new customers
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Halal Parks

Strategically developing the Halal Industry

As Halal continues to expand in scale and influence across the globe, the next growth phase is the development of Halal Parks. These economic zones provide Halal-oriented companies the requisite infrastructure and service support to grow their business.

Stratgurus has the international partnerships and experience to:

  • Facilitate the development of Halal Parks through design, structure and strategic consultation
  • Assist in developing local Halal industries by consulting with other qualified certifying bodies globally
  • Advise on commercialization of R&D by identifying opportunities and creating the right Halal products for specific markets and consumers
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Halal SME Development

A strategy for growing Halal Enterprises

Just like any other business sector, Halal’s continued growth depends not just on profitable corporations but also on the healthy contribution from SMEs.

Stratgurus assists startups and smaller-scale operations to compete in the Halal sector through:

  • Halal certification services – We can assist in the processing of halal certification
  • Market analysis and feasibility studies – Our experience in local markets and certain industries provides valuable insight to setting up your business.
  • Halal audit of business processes – We will review your marketing and production strategies to ensure Halal compliance across your operations.
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Halal Training

Personnel development strategy for internal competency

Beyond operations and facilities, Halal compliance also requires trained personnel with relevant skills and knowledge related to the halal sector.

Stratgurus’ wealth of experience in personnel development lets us help you by providing:

  • Halal training to enhance your knowledge, expertise and technology to meet current demands
  • Comprehensive programs that cover Shariah, Halal certification process, local and global Halal market, Halal food and consumerism
  • Tailored training which is customized to your business needs and objectives
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Event Development

Strategically developing and implementing special events

We understand that every event requires careful and meticulous planning from a marketing point of view. Target audience, brand design, event format and brand value are all taken into account to come up with a seamless corporate event that communicates your offering effectively, and caters to every industry.

At Stratgurus, we have a team of professional planners who have extensive experience and expertise in event planning and development, which allows us to:

  • Work closely with clients to define event goals and objectives, budget allocation and timeline.
  • Research working locations, vendors, event design and all logistical aspects to produce a cost-effective and goal-oriented proposal and preproduction phase.
  • Develop a strategic program using the research to deliver remarkable experiences.
  • Create and execute a custom event that showcases your brand and deliver your core messages.
  • Assess and manage the entire financial process.
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Branding Campaign Development

Strategies to develop  brand image and awareness

Branding campaign is all about giving your brand a voice, the right tone, a unique look and a compelling message. Through an effective brand campaign, a new product is given an immediate visual image, emotion and message that people associate with the company or brand. It becomes an entire experience on its own. Your brand represents what your customers expect your company to deliver.

We can be your partner in brand campaign development. Stratgurus can guide you through the whole process. We specialize in following:

  • Corporate branding We can help with the marketing campaign of a product and create a marketing concept that builds name recognition and trust for the brand.
  • Product branding We can help develop name and logo designs for your product, including advertising slogans, to give your product a unique identity in the marketplace.
  • Service branding We can help in sustaining a unique service advantage that encourages repeat usage using sales promotion and get quick responses.
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Conceptualization of CSR Initiatives

A strategic approach to create  shared value for business and society

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders. The CSR initiative is focused on creating business value while promoting positive change. This can be through volunteering, support to charity or nonprofit organizations, or implementing environmentally-friendly policies. It is important for a company to carefully plan how their CSR initiatives can save or make money for their business, while fulfilling a specific societal need. Shared value is the goal.

To develop your CSR Campaign, Stratgurus can provide strategies to build up your CSR Campaign Ideas. We can help you:

  • Develop and establish socially responsible initiatives and programs that understand your customers’ needs and wants, are aligned with your company’s vision, and promote your business and business practices.
  • Implement your initiatives with campaign deliverables that bring your message across and speak well to your target customers.
  • Create assessments and monitoring procedures to follow the program’s progress and success.
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Ad Campaign Development

A complete creative strategy to advertise your brand

We understand that creating a compelling campaign is key to driving brand awareness, and generating sales leads. You need engaging and inspiring creatives that will connect with your target audience and boost your brand recall.

Stratgurus can help develop a strategic and inspiring campaign that would perfectly suit your brand and your budget allocation. We can help with the following:

  • Conducting market research to know more about your business and industry before crafting a strategy or creative plan.
  • Studying your integrated marketing communications plan, especially looking at your brand and your budget, to make sure everything is in harmony with the campaign.
  • Working closely with you from conceptualization to execution, covering all aspects of marketing.
  • Full integration, creating content for different channels: website, advertising, video, direct mails, SEO and social media programs, to reach your customers to maximize brand engagement, and help execute the campaign.
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